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Milk Chocolate. 80 Calories per Cake. Our milk chocolate-coated rice cakes
$68.04 $75.60
6 x 90g. Organic Dark Chocolate rice cake thins Our snacks are naturally ir
$52.92 $58.80
16 x 90g. Kallo Organic Milk Chocolate Thin Rice Cakes are delicious rice c
$141.12 $156.80
Apple Cinnamon. Lundberg Rice Cakes: Delicious, Nutritious, Whole Grain Goo
$107.46 $119.40
Brown Rice, Salted. Lundberg Organic Rice Cakes Brown Rice Lightly Salted a
$181.44 $201.60
Thin Stackers, Brown Rice Salt Fr. Lundberg Organic Thin Stackers Brown Ric
$123.12 $136.80
Caramel Corn. From premium organic brown rice. Gluten free. Wheat free. Lun
$118.26 $131.40
Cinnamon Toast. Lundberg Organic Cinnamon Toast Rice Cakes are made with or
$138.24 $153.60
Honey Nut. Our rice cakes are made from our own freshly milled brown rice t
$149.04 $165.60
Kettle Corn. Lundberg Rice Cakes are delicious and nutritious whole grain g
$132.84 $147.60
Thin Stackers, Brown Rice Lt Salt. Give yourself a tasty treat with the Lun
$99.90 $111.00
Thin Stacker, Red Rice & Quinoa. Lundberg Organic Thin Stackers Red Rice &
$122.04 $135.60