Our original, simple organic beetroot juice. Blended with 10% apple juice t
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With its deep, ruby colour and sweet/sour taste, fruit juice doesn’t get mo
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Now it’s easier than ever to incorporate the many benefits of Apple Cider V
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Shiny, jewel-toned cranberries have long been hailed. Made with the finest
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Take a sip of L&A Juice and it is almost like being at the very first juice
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Lakewood Organic Pure Aloe Gel Juice is produced from the inner leaf of the
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Lakewood Organic Pure Aloe Whole Leaf Juice is produced from the entire lea
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Drinking beet juice is excellent for maintaining optimal health and well-be
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Refreshment is only a sip away thanks to Lakewood organic, pure lemon juice
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Lakewood is an independent family juice company bottling a diverse line of
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All Lakewood juices are pressed, pasteurized, bottled, and vacuum sealed in
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Lakewood Organic Pure Apple Juice contains 10 to 12 fresh apples in every b
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