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Subscription & Faq

It’s time to enjoy a membership program that’s catered to you and everything you love about safe, nutritious & wholesome products.

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12 months membership

flex Plan

Enjoy 10% off storewide and additional discounts online

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Get an account for our member’s exclusive online store

flex Plan

Pre-Order online from thousands of natural and organic products across hundreds of brands

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Reserve in-stock items for Same Day Collection and Home Delivery (via phone)

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Free Click & Collect service

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Receive notifications on in-store promotions

(Total: $120)
Fan Plan

Receive notifications on in-store promotions

1. How do I become a member?

To subscribe to our membership, you must select our "FAN" plan above or visit our store to sign up.

2. What plans are available?

To join our membership as a FAN, you will be billed per annum at $10 per month or $120 in total. Our promotion for the FLEXIBLE plan option has ended. Should you wish to subscribe to our mailing list to receive email notifications of our in-store promotions and any updates, you may register at the link above.

3. How long is the membership valid for?

Your membership will be valid for the entire cycle (1 year) and automatically renewed on the next cycle.  You will receive emails containing your membership details and billing upon registration and on each renewal.

4. What are the benefits of the membership?

Being a member allows you to get 10% off all purchases at our Brown Rice Paradise store. You will also get an account to access our Members exclusive online store where you can order from a wide selection of natural and organic products for Pre-Orders and customized Same Day Collection or Home Delivery on selected products. We will continue to roll out new products and services to our members over time.

5. How do I apply my member's discount?

At the store, simply provide our staff with your mobile number. The 10% discount will be applied to your transaction. When buying online, all prices will already reflect discounted member pricing.

6. After I subscribe to a plan, how long does it take to activate my membership account?

A confirmation email will be sent to you once your registration has been successful. This will take less than 5 minutes from payment submission. Your account and membership benefits will be active thereafter.

7. How do I renew my plan?

Your account will be automatically renewed when the next cycle begins. We will send out an email notification a week before your plan is about to be renewed. A new invoice will be issued to you when your renewal commences.

8. How do I cancel my plan?

You can email any time to trigger the membership cancellation or inform our staff at the shop who can assist you. You may continue enjoying the benefits of the membership till the end of the current membership cycle.

9. How do I change my plan?

You can email any time to change your plan or inform our staff at the shop who can assist you.

10. How do I update my contact details?

You can update your contact details by visiting your Account page on our website.

11. I'm experiencing some troubleshooting issues with my account, who do I contact?

Please email us at and we’ll look into the issue.

1. What products are available in your online store?

We carry thousands of organic and natural products across hundreds of brands.  We also strive to cater to a range of special diets, food allergies and other dietary restrictions.  Our major product categories are:

  • Baby [Food, Non-Food]

  • Bars  [Breakfast Bars, Fruit & Snack Bars, Energy & Protein Bars]

  • Beverages [Coffee & Coffee Substitutes, Tea, Energy Drinks, Non-Dairy, Juices]

  • Breads [Breads, Wraps, Pizza Crust, Ice Cream Cones]

  • Cereals & Granola [Cereals, Granola, Muesli, Oats]

  • Cooking [Baking, Dressings, Grains, Herbs & Spices, Oils, Pasta, Ready-to-Eat, Sauces, Soup, Ghee, Sweetener]

  • Household [Air Fresheners, Cleaners, Laundry Supplies, Dishwashers, House Wares, Tissue & Wipes]

  • Personal Care [Body Care, Deodorants, Essential Oils, Hair Care, Facial Care, Insect Repellent, Oral Care, Sanitary Pads, Sanitizer, Hand Soaps, Sunscreen]

  • Snacks [Chips, Puffs, Cookies, Biscuits, Crackers, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Seaweed, Pretzels, Popcorns, Savoury, Rice Cakes]

  • Spreads [No-Nut, Peanut, Nut, Preserves]

  • Supplements [Vitamins, Protein Supplements]

  • Sweets [Candy, Chocolate, Fruit Leather & Ropes, Gummies, Licorice]

We are always growing our catalog and on the lookout for new products.  Drop us a note at if you have an inquiry about bringing in a particular product.

2. Can we view your product catalog without having an account?

Non-members may access our Promotions catalog.  Our Pre Order catalog of thousands of products can be used by non-members in our store.

3. Do you provide home delivery?

We currently provide a free Click & Collect service for our online store.  By choosing to come into our Brown Rice Paradise store to collect your online purchases, you can have more control over the quality of your products and flexibility in your collection timing.

Should you opt for home delivery, we will work with our last-mile delivery partner, Ninja Van, to deliver to your home address.  Only orders above $200 will be eligible for home delivery. You may reply to the order confirmation email with instructions on the following:

  1. Delivery Options:

    • Standard (2 - 3 working days)

    • Next Day (1 working day)

  2. Time slots:

    • 9am - 12pm

    • 12pm - 3pm

    • 3pm - 6pm

    • 6pm - 10pm


Please note that we will not be responsible for any damaged, lost, pilfered or spoilt goods purchased by you when using the services of Ninja Van or any other third-party delivery company.

4. Do you provide international shipping?

Currently, we do not provide shipping to locations outside of Singapore. We are looking into working with reliable international shipping partners to help us serve you better and we plan to roll this out to selected regions in the near future.

5. How long do the Pre-Orders take?

You can collect your Pre-Orders from 35 to 45 days after placing your order. We will send you an email scheduling a date and time for collection at our store when your items arrive in Singapore.

6. Are the prices in Singapore dollars?

Yes, all our prices are denominated in Singapore dollars.

7. Can I track the status of my current Pre-Order?

We currently do not provide order tracking. Should there be any delays in collection, we will notify you immediately and provide an alternate day for collection.

8. For Hot Specials and Same Day Collection catalogs, are there checkout limits?

As our Hot Specials and Same Day Collection services are restricted to products currently in stock, we put a cap on what is available for sale via our online store. We will call or email you to confirm your order quantities.

9. What are your Same Day Collection hours?

We process Same Day Collection orders twice a day. For orders that come in before 10 AM, they will be ready for collection on the same day from 1 PM - 7 PM. For orders that come in before 2.30 PM, they will be ready for collection on the same day between 5 PM - 7 PM. For orders that come in after 2.30 PM, they will be ready for collection the next day from 1 PM. Should you be unable to collect your order on the same day, please contact us in advance at (+65) 6738 1121 or drop us an email at

10. Do you accept returns, cancellations or refunds?

Once orders have been placed on our online store, we do not accept returns, cancellations or refunds.